We analyse your business data and transform it into a competitive advantage.
We forecast. | We automate. | We visualise. | We model. | We analyse. | We convert data. | We merge data. | We predict data. | We clean data.


About Us

Business data contains knowledge. From knowledge we get insights. Insights bring you advantages over your competitors.

At Magic Data, our goal is to make business intelligence available to smaller and mid-sized companies. Every year, more and more data is being collected in the world. We’ve reached a point where big datasets are no longer something exclusive to larger corporations. It is only a matter of time before more smaller companies will start seeing the power and potential of business analytics. Will your company be a follower, or a leader?

Our way of doing business analytics goes beyond the traditional statistics tools. We make extensive use of recent advancements in data mining and machine learning. Yes, we do ‘big data’ too.

What we do

We are ready for any data challenge with a business focus, such as:

  • Custom sales forecasts
  • Lead classification, so business developers can focus on the high potentials.
  • Product recommender systems for webshops
  • Data mining. New insights can potentially be translated into a model, which provides you with practical use of the new knowledge.

Besides data, we also create various software tools to automate business processes. You’d be surprised how a few days of programming may save you weeks or even months of manual office work per year!

What we’ve done

  • 1st place out of 362 participants in a competition organized by Honeywell to predict fuel usage of airplanes. Besides having created the best predictive model, we provided a report with actionable insights to reduce fuel consumption. The potential is absolutely huge. A 0.1% in fuel savings can save millions per year.
  • 3rd place out of 316 participants in a data visualisation (dashboard) competition to visually understand fuel consumption of air planes.
  • 1st place out of 173 participants in a competition to extract Manufacture Part Numbers from free text, targeted for usage by online retailers.
  • Automatic new leads generation tool for online business developers. This tool allows certain business developers to save about 7 hours of work per day. Basically if you have several of those business developers, you only need to keep one of them.
  • Cleaned and prepared a 25-year-old warehouse database (with mainly free text fields) for transfer into a new ERP system.

Free analysis

Are you not sure what potential business value may be hidden in your data? Let us do a free study for you on a sample of your data. We’ll then get back to you with an overview of the possibilities we see. Simply fill in the contact form below and request a free investigation.